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John McKay - Anatomy of the Ship. The 100-Gun Ship Victory (2000)

 One of the most popular titles in the best-selling Anatomy of the Ship series Comes complete with 1/192 Scale fold-out plan Forever associated with Nelson's last battle, HMS Victory is one of the most famous ships of all time, and is now preserved as a major part pf the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth. The ship's survival is particularly appropriate since Victory is not only an example of the ultimate sailing warship - the three decker First Rate - but was also the most popular and successful 100-gun ship of the period. Forty years old by the time of Trafalgar, she had been the flagship of half a dozen famous admirals, and was to continue in active service until 1812. First published in 1987, this revised edition of the 100-gun ship Victory now incorporates and details the most recent research and findings of the HMS Victory Advisory Technical Committee.
This Volume Features: * Full description of the ship and her position in the development of the First Rate * Pictorial section emphasising close-up and on-board photographs * Guide to the ship's Trafalgar colour scheme on the book jacket * More than 300 perspective and 3-view drawings, with in-depth descriptive keys, of every detail of the ship as presently restored - general arrangements, hull construction, fittings, decoration, masts and yards, riggings and armament * One large-scale 1/192 plan on the reverse of extended fold-out jacket.

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